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"You know how it is... A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and then you're on fire."

Hi everyone!

*cricket chirps*

Ok... sorry if I pissed all of ya off last night, I was just a little unhappy. ^.^;; You factor in angry/angsty music and I was trying really hard not to tell everyone to f--- off. >.> Sorry.

I feel a lot better today.
There's anime club today.
Tomorrow is Friday, which is the day after today.
I got lots of sleep, so I don't feel like crap today.
I have a huge math test, which I am not prepared for, today.
If I seem dead after school, just give me a hug. I probably had a bad day today.
I hope everyone else has a good day today.
I really should start getting ready for today...
And stop writing a list of sentances that end in "today."

Ja ne~

~Cranberry no Miko~
*Shel-chan = l337 m4573r*
*Maria-chan = Art Goddess* nyaaaah!

Today is the day that is today is the day that is not tomorrow is the day that is not yesterday is the day that is not today...

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