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Important Friday notice!

For Maria-chan and Shel-chan:

Ok, here's a Friday checklist for everyone. (This is to help me remember too)

-Wear black! (all black if possible)
-Wash your hair! (Especially you, Shel-chan)
-Don't forget anything you need to bring! (Gameage, spare clothes you think might be good, the mushy panda...)
-Think of pose ideas... anything is good.
-Uhh.... prepare to face lots of ecchi comments?
-FFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY~~~~~~~~ (Yeah, don't forget that one. Very important, yo)

Yeah, tomorrow's gonna rock. r0xx0rs. whatever. ^.^ It's like a going away party for me... with bishi! Which makes everything better, of course.

Man, I'm gonna miss everybody when I'm gone. *sigh*

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