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"Thou art mine..."

Yep, today was Friday. Friday is great. Maria-chan was genki, which made Friday even better. Shel-chan's getting sick, which is very very bad.

...and I'm leaving in two days, which makes me kinda sad. Going to mom's wedding is going to be great, but I *hate* leaving my friends behind. Even if it's just a wave in the hallway or five minutes between classes, I love seeing them every day. I'm gonna miss all you guys like crazy. Watch for the angsty poetry on my journal, nee?

Other stuff in my life is going so-so. I massively screwed up this quarter in homework, and it was probably part due to me angsting all the time and not wanting to deal with reality. As for the angst, I'm getting over it. I got to the point where my angst was annoying me, because I was turning into a pathetic loser, and I hated it. So, no more mind-numbing angst. Slight angst, yeah, but nothing serious for now. I'm resigned and a little philosophical about it all. Everything you go through makes you stronger, right?

As for not wanting to face reality, well, I still don't. It's not a happy place. People get old and die, bad things happen, you won't nessecarily live "happily ever after" and sometimes real life just plain sucks. Even with all of that, I have no right to screw up my life by trying to avoid it. Reality hold just as much good as bad, and the good comes from embracing reality, working with it and fighting through it and toughing out the bad times. If you do you get rewards like friendship, love, good memories and moments that are so perfect and beautiful they touch your soul. This is what I want in my life. I have many good memories, and I cherish them, even if the people in them have changed or gone away. I have experienced moments of perfection, which give me faith in the world and strength to go on. I may not have romantic love right now, but I have friendship which is better in many ways.

So, here's to everyone who's my friend; past, present and future. Cheers! Let's make our way through this world called "reality" together and see where our lives lead us. ^.^


Mar. 15th, 2003 08:04 am (UTC)
Groovy chick that you are plus angst equals ?
Yes, Rachel, I am with you in thought and spirit, as well as sometimes for encouragement through the weirdness that is high school. I am very glad you have your friends. They are good people. Best of luck and happiness on your trip. Have fun!!