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"kiesaru kono sekai de anata to aishitsuzukeru..."

Gee, it's after 4pm on the day before I'm leaving, and I haven't packed.

What should I be doing? Packing

What am I probably going to do? Anything except packing, which will be done in a frantic hurry late tonight. ^.^ I will undoubtedly forget something which will probably be non-important but annoying to leave behind. Maybe I'll just drag all my clean laundry out here so I can pack *and* listen to Gackt. Gackt rhymes with packed... hmm. IT MUST BE A SIGN!

In other news, I got new shoes. (damn the rhyming!) I got two pairs, one that's blue denim with red... they're hard to describe. They're slip on, with this weird red plastic-y thing in the back. They remind me of Tidus for some reason. o.O The other pair are basic black sneakers with cream laces and sole. They're spiffy, and very comfortable. Not sure which pair I want to take with me to Scotland though. Probably the black ones.

I also have to remember to burn more Gackt CDs. I will not leave this country without taking the music with me! I have dubbed Gackt "sexy voice man." There's a lot of other titles that could fit him too, but more than anything I love his voice. Yes, Maria-chan, I would sit with my eyes closed and listen to him.... ok, maybe not. ^.^;; He *is* really gorgeous.

Oh, Maria-chan! I started a FF9 MV with Gackt's "Illness Illusion." ^.^ I have some good ideas... but I'll have to finish it when I get home. ~.~

Yeah, anyway. I should do *something* besides update my lj. I'll have lots of time for that when I get to Scotland. I'll probably post a *sniffle* goodbye entry tomorrow morning.

If not, goodbye everybody! I'm gonna miss you all so much!

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