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Sukottorando ni imasu~

Hey everybody! I made it here in one piece, with my luggage and sanity and everything! Yay! I'm a bit tired, but otherwise fine. It's nice to be here again, it feels like I never left.

I got to try on my dress, it's *really* spiffy, the sleeves hang down to my knees, but it's a bit tight. ^.^;; Mom's going to fix that. Yay for mom and her ultra-spiffy sewing skillz!

It sounds like everyone back home isn't doing so good... Hang in there guys! I'll be back late the 27th (8-something pm) and I shall come bearing cappuccino truffles! ^............^ I shall also come bearing gifts, at least one for Shel-chan. It's not evil at all, don't worry Shel-chan! And don't angst too much. *hugs*

Ah.. it's about noon here, which means it's 4am back home. ^.^;; strangely, I'm not tired. Keep updating your LJs, peoples! Give me details! I'll probably post again later today. We have some errands to run. ~.~ Tanoshii...

Well, see ya all later! I hope you guys have good days! ^....

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