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Wedding day

Well, today's the big day. I have an hour or two to myself while mom goes to get her hair done. I luckily get to leave mine down. I didn't get to update yesterday because we were so busy. Brian's brother Eric (hope I'm spelling it right) came in, and then we had to get our nails done (me and mom) and stuff like that.

Happily, mom and Brian will be staying at a hotel tonight so the laptop's MINE! Bwahaha! I think I'll so something exciting like update my website. ~.~ Yeah, boring. Well, I don't have much else to say. I really sort of wish I wasn't here... I know mom needs me around (she's been a bit... absent minded recently o.O) but I feel like I've ditched my friends. ^.^;; I know I didn't really have a choice and all, but still...

I hope you guys are hanging in there without me. That sounds really arrogant. Well... I like to think you guys need or at least *like* having me around... ^.^;; I'll shut up now.

Anything interesting going on? Any requests for Scottish stuff for me to bring back? The cappuccino truffles are already on my list of things to bring back for everybody. ^.^;; I hope customs doesn't make me explain why I have twenty bags of cappuccino truffles in my suitcase. That could be bad.

Well, I'm going offline now in case somebody needs to call. Ja, minna! I hope everybody has a good day. (It's about 3am there now. ^.^;;)

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