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I'm a pretty pretty princess!

All right, I'm going to kill my hands trying to write down everything that happened today.

First thing, after mom came back, the makeup artist came by (they do house calls, which is spiffy!) and did our makeup. That was kinda blech. I really don't like wearing makeup (except on Fridays!!!!) because makeup tends to make my face itch and I *know* I shouldn't even touch my face. ~.~ Blech.

After that, I helped mom get dressed. She got her dress on and zipped up and straightened, and turned to me and asked very seriously, "How do I look?" Well, I burst out laughing. The first thing that popped in my mind was that she looked like Glinda the good fairy from the Wizard of Oz. ^.^;; Mom told this story to pretty much everyone all day. ¬.¬ Thanks, mom.

Anyway, we got to ride in a Rolls Royce (did I just spell that wrong?) to the wedding which was at the Register's Office. (I don't know exactly what it is... they can perform weddings, apparently) Anyway, it was a *tiny* wedding, twenty five people counting us. (Us = Mom, Brian, me, Brian's brother Eric.) Anyway, I don't really remember much of the ceremony, I only had one line ("She comes with me, her daughter, and is accompanied by all of her family's good wishes.") and I didn't cry or anything. ^.^ Duh. I'm not a cry-y person.

So, the wedding was really short, and then we went out to take pictures, which took longer than the wedding. o.....o GAH. I hate having my picture taken, but it wasn't so bad. The photographer mostly wanted pictures of the bride and groom. ^.^

So, after that we (see "us" above) all piled into the wedding car (the rolls royce) and headed over to a hotel for the reception.

Commence boredom.

First off, there was *one* waiter for a party of 25 people. This meant it took a loooooong time to serve everyone one part of the meal, take their plates away, and serve the next part. ~.~ Blech. After we ate, then we sat around and talked, for about four hours. I got progressivly more bored as the "party" went on. I had nothing with me except my dress (damn the sleeves! They hang almost to my feet and they are a pain! But very pretty!) the makeup on my face, the tiara in my hair, and the favors from the table. (A little bag with candied almonds and fake mini champange bottles with bubbles in them.) I was so bored there isn't a word for it. It was a crappy end to what was supposed to be a very special day.

Well, it's over now. Sadly, we are going to Arran (an island to the north, I think) for the weekend. No 'net access, trapped in the FREAKING COLD weather, with a bunch of adults for two or three days. Shoot me now. It doesn't help that two of the adults are newlyweds. *gag* Make them stop being mushy. It's nauseating. >.< I'm going to ask mom if perhaps I can stay here while they go. *That* would be lovely. ^.^ There's not a big chance she'll say yes, but I can at least ask.

How are things with everyone over there? Hope you're not as bored as I was!

Yes, I suppose I should put down on (virtual) paper: Congratulations, mom and Brian! ^.^

Yeah, I'll be going now. If you'd like to see a picture of me and mom all dressed up, here's the link. Just copy and paste and delete the ".jpg" part to see it. ^.~ There's a way around Geocities' stupid link policy, whee!

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