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"Go away and take your stupid with you."

Yes, I meant to tell everybody about my latest gaming find, which I think Shel-chan in particular might be interested in. It's an RPG development program called Rpg Toolkit. I found it while searching for a replacement for RPG Maker 2k, which I can't seem to find. (I think it's being released commercially in English, so no more downloading it. *sigh*)

Anyway, this program seems extremely spiffy, it's not like RPG Maker at all: It's better. It has almost unlimited customization options, from what I've seen so far. You can make your own battle systems and everything. It has it's own coding language, which looks to be *very* versitile. (Someone made a MSPaint-like program using it. O.O) The code language is also (from what I've heard, again) fairly simple. ^.^

This could be a very useful tool for people who have ULTRA-L33T SPIFFY GAMES THAT R0XX0RS, and have yet to be made. Especially if said games have Nema, the Ultimate Bishounen in them. ^.^ Hi, Shel-chan! *waves* Yes, check it out, onegai? I'd really *love* to see The Ave-chan Maneuver made. ^.^ Ave-chan! Afirek and Nema! Everybody! All the spiffy little peoples! ^.^ Yeah...

I'm going to go play with the program now. If I find out anything major, I might update again.

I also want to go finish beating Myst for the millionth time. Whee, Myst! ^.^ Beat your head against the wall until your brains are mush goodness!


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Mar. 22nd, 2003 10:12 pm (UTC)
hmm...another RPG maker-type eh? Well, I have nothing better to do this week hehehe. Oh, Real Life Comics rulez!
Mar. 23rd, 2003 03:24 am (UTC)
Just FYI, you're going to have to rip or make your own tile sets for it... 'cause the default suxx0rs. Badly. ^.^;;;

Real Life Comics is spiffy! ^........^ Little Gamers is funny too, if you don't mind some of the ecchi guy-gamer humor.
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