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I'm ba~~~~ack! Didja miss me? ^.~

Minna, ogenki kai? I went to the Isle of Arran on Friday, didn't have a chance to even say I was leaving. ~.~ Well, I'm back now, and I had quite a lot of fun... I wrote up a semi-detailed description of what I did, but I'll put it seperate from the main part of this entry because it's really, really long. ^.^ I got bored on the ferry ride back.

On Friday the 21st Brian, Mom, Eric and I went out to a little island called Arran. (The road that runs around the edge of the island is 56 miles long. It's *small*) We came too late for the 12:30 ferry there, so we went down to the beach (Whee! ^.^!) and had some lunch, then caught the 3:30 ferry.

This was my first time on a ferry, so I didn't know what to expect. It was a lot like travelling in a train or a plane; lots of places to sit, expensive food and gift shop, tiny bathrooms and annoying announcements. It was VERY windy on deck, but kind of nice. There was no feeling of rocking most of the time, and so the novelty of being on a boat wore out quickly. Except when I found a nice place on deck sheltered from the wind, and got to watch the sun setting over the ocean. That was really pretty.

We got to Arran and drove for a while, then stopped by this little dirt path with a gate. ~.~ We walked out this path for about 2 miles, just to look at some standing stones along the way. It was cold and windy and by the time we got back to the car, my back hurt from staring at the ground so I wouldn't step in sheep shit. Stupid sheep. They were everywhere along the path. The stones were 8,000 years old but not very interesting. Mom was a little disappointed that I didn't *feel* anything, I think, but I was cold and had a newfound hatred of sheep to occupy me. Blech.

After all that, we drove around the isle for a while to find a Bed and Breakfast to stay at. We found one (after a bit of searching) and went out to dinner at a nice place called The Drift Inn. ^.^ I had fish, which was *really* good! It was probably fresh, since we were about ten steps (and a bit of a drop) from the ocean.

After dinner we went back to the B and B. It was my first time staying at one, and it was pretty nice. Much better than a hotel. I had a twin room to myself, which seemed kinda lonely, but nice. I found a heater and make my room toasty warm. (Read: sweltering for the average person) I ended Friday listening to Gackt and reading "Tales from the Arabian Nights." It was good. Gaaaaaackt! ^.^

Today I got up *way* early (7:45am o.o) had a shower and then sat down for breakfast.

Dear god.

Breakfast was served in two courses. First, cereal (Rice Krispies) and toast (with butter and non-spicy marmalade). After that, we were served a plate with: one egg, bacon and beans, a tomato, two sausages and a pancake-like thing. Geez. I didn't eat most of it.

After breakfast (I use after too much, na?) we split up: Mom and I went shopping while Brian and Eric (my new dad and uncle... that takes some getting used to) went hiking. Mom and I went all over the place... I'll just list what I bought.

I got: a book of (Christian) religious poems from 1917 which I'll probably give to Nathan, a book all in French for Tison, an encyclopedia of superstitions (very interesting), a bunch of other (fiction, I think) old books (most 30+ years old!), some really good chocolate (gone now), and a new purse/bag. It's black and blue (poor abused thing [abused, like parenthesis in my lj entries...]) with little mirror bits on the front, and it's just the right size for my creative writing notebook. ^.^

We also saw the headlines of a newspaper, apparently the U.S. firebombed Bahgdad. "No civilian casualties" my ass. Damn it, our presidents an IDIOT.

Anyway, we're on the ferry home as I'm writing this (originally). Must... check... LJ!!! ^.^ Got to be patient, I'll be to a compy soon.

I miss everybody so much! I can't wait to see you all again! Ja ne~! ^.^

(Oh, one last note: on the way home, I saw "Cafe Palazzo" as we drove through some little town. Looks like Il Palazzo-sama (which means "The Palace," by the way) is doing well in his world conquest program. Hee.)

I'm going to write out everything else I want to say before I even start to type up that huge trip babble. ^.^ How's everyone been? Maria-chan, are you still alive? You haven't updated since Wednesday! o.o! If you don't update tomorrow (Sunday) it will be... FOUR DAYS! *dum dum dum!*

I miss everybody. *sniff* Luckily, I have a few projects in mind (presents for y'all back home... I so did not just say "y'all. Wash my mouth out with soap.) but other than my projects I'll not have much to do for the next few days. (Say, until the 27th or so.) I might someday manage to update my site like I keep saying I will. Yeah, right. ^.^ Well, I'll start typing up my trip thingy now, 'cause it's gonna take me a while.


Ok, that *did* take a while. Geez. Mom's home now, and she's probably going to kick me off, so I'd better post this... right.... NOW!

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