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Phew, only TWO days

Heh heh heh, I haven't updated since Saturday! ^.^;; Gomen, gomen!

I haven't been doing much. We (Mom, Brian and I) spent Sunday laying around and reading (and gaming for me). Nothing special. We barely talked all day. o.o

I beat Myst! (Again) I've started Riven, yay! I love Riven. It's so pretty! I may make a Riven wallpaper and put it on my site. That's a big maybe though. I *am* going to go get my quarter project from my past LJ entry and html it so I can update my site. ^.^;; Soon, I keep saying, soon. I should just hurry up and do it.

La la la, we didn't do anything today either. Mom and I walked down to the village (yes, it's a village) and got a few groceries. The butcher's shop is kinda icky, but I'm getting over it.

Oh, we watched "Chocolat" last night. ^......^ Maria-chan introduced me to the movie, and I love it~~! Good story, *wonderful* characters, and the music is really spiffy! And there's a bishi. ^.^ Of course, bishi are always good.

Well, I don't have much to say. The news today is very depressing, and I am *NOT* proud to be an American today. Congratulations, Mr. Bush. You have assured that I will register to vote simply so I can vote against you. Idiot. I pray that this war is over soon, with as little death as possible on both sides.

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