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GRR RAR ARGH! *and other Godzilla noises*

Ok, I finished the html for my quarter project but I have one big problem...

I need a title!

Yep, I can't really put my story on my page without some sort of title, and I refuse to call it "Quarter Project." It's not descriptive.

Help me~~~!

I have a few other interesting ideas for stories... I started a story on the way over here, but I realized two pages in that I had changed my original idea and so the beginning of the story has very little to do with the middle bit I wrote. ^.^;; I think I'll break it up into two stories. One of the two involves a guy who likes to stalk/follow people around. ^.^ An interesting fellow, that he is!

Malus-sama, I want to go home~! I miss everybody. Luckily, I get to start on my (not evil) project/present for Shel-chan (hopefully) tomorrow. Yay~! ^.^ I think for now I'll go offline and crash in bed to work on my stories. I'm wearing two layers and it's sweltering upstairs. *melts* Noo~ I've become a puddle with no fingers for typing! ^.^ Just kidding~!

Oh, one last VERY IMPORTANT thing! I'm taking requests for stories. Anything. Give me a character, a place, a vague idea, whatever, I'll write it. ^.^ It's like a story commission without paying me anything!

Just because I can, I shall have SCROLLY TEXT! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How much can you write in a line of scrolly text? I don't really have anything to say, but I can easily write out a few lines about nothing in particular just to see how long my scrolly text will be. I wonder if anyone's going to bother reading all this? ^.^ That'd be funny. I think the reason I can write so much about nothing is because of National Novel Writing Month... I have learned to BS like never before, and to type using as many words as possible! I think I'll stop now, or this marquee will be incredibly long and pointless. Oops. Too late. If anyone's still reading this, ha ha! You've just wasted a bunch of time!

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