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Must have ANGSTY RAIN! (And sticks... and SHEIK!)

My top secret project is moving along as planned!

Unfortunately, it requires a LOT of work and is/was a major pain in the ass. Grr. I calmed myself all day by thinking of how happy the recipients (yes, my project has expanded) will hopefully be when I give them the finished product. Must be patient, take deep breaths and immerse myself in Riven.

You know you've been playing Riven too long when you stop playing and the world looks too *real* and completely wrong. Where are all the strange colors and unnatural (but incredibly beautiful) landscapes? Who are these people that claim to be your family? ^.~ Just kidding, mochiron~!

Anyway, I'm going to go hunt down some (non-Riven) gameage now. ^.^;; I need a nice SNES rpg to keep me away from that damn addictive Riven.

And I must work on my project! Actually, my part in the whole thing is pretty much over. Now I wait. ^.^

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