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"If you can regain your smile/If your laughing self returns/Sadness will turn into kindness"

Wow, I've actually been doing things since I came home! O.O *gasp* I have a social life! Like, omigod! ^.^ Just kidding.

On Friday, Greg came over. We did some gaming, and he let me borrow FF6! YAY! Ah, it's so great. I think it's probably the best FF game yet... I really like 9 too, but 6 is better. Anyway, I beat Greg *badly* at Mario Kart (for SNES... Heh heh, retro gaming powah!) I think the score was 12-4, or something like that. ^.^;; He'll probably not want to play me again...

Yesterday, Shel-chan came over. We spent the better part of the day gaming, and he managed to help me hook up Maria-chan's N64 so I can play Legend of Zelda! Yatta ne~! We played Mario Kart too, and I r0xx0r3d him the first time we played, and then we came out about even the second time. Finally! I have found my equal at Mario Kart! ^.^ Oh, I gave Shel-chan my secret project: his own mushy panda! I think he liked it. Hmm... we didn't do much except game and chat... it was a good day.

Hopefully today I'll get to hang out with Jax-chan, and we can game even more! Mwahahaha! I love it when I get to OD on gaming. Well, I'll just hang around online for a while... maybe somebody will get up eventually. ^.^;;


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