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"Datte datte datte datte aishiteru kara~"

Nothing very interesting has happened for the past few days.

Yesterday, anime club was cancelled, so Maria-chan and Shel-chan and I hung out after school. That was spiffy.

Today is FRIDAY! Yatta! Again, Maria-chan and Shel-chan are coming over and we're doing makeup... although this time it's stage makeup rather than just plain creepy makeup. *sigh* Not half as much fun.

Oh, my mom's been in town, and we've been going out for coffee every morning, which is nice. It'd be even nicer if it stopped raining. ~.~ Blech.

Hmm... I watched Fushigi Yuugi: Eikouden last night, it was pretty spiffy. I like the series a lot better, but it was nice to get a FY fix. ^.^ Hotohori! I just remembered how much I love him! Kyaaa~!

Umm... not much else is going on. My life's been quiet, but I've been happy every day, so that's good. ^.^ It's Friday today, so I have plenty of reasons to be happy!

Ooooh! Also last night I commissioned Maria-chan to draw me a picture! Yay! I think I'm the first person who's commissioned her. *happy dance* I feel much better doing it on commission than just saying, "Hey, can you draw this for me?" I know I'm going to love this picture when she finishes it. It's yaoi. It's got an evil bishi. ^.^ How could I not love it?

Well, that's all for now, have a Crantacular day, minna! ^.~

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