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Hee hee!

There's something about Friday that inspires extra ecchi-ness and insane giggling fits. I have said waaaaay too many ecchi things today, and thought several more. ^.^ yes, "several." I'm inclined to share the ecchi goodness.

Yeah, so... *mumbles suspiciously* ^.^ It was a good day.

I got to game with Shel-chan and Maria-chan (as per our usual friday arrangement). We left school early and went back to my house. We played Guilty Gear X2 and Gitaroo Man ("Oh yeah...") for a while, and that was fun. Then we put on stage makeup, which was not particularly fun. It drove me nuts because my face started itching and I couldn't scratch it 'cause my face was *coated* in makeup! Icky. >.< Anyway, we took a few pictures (for credit in theater tech) and then go the makeup *off*! Lucky Maria-chan didn't have to put it on in the first place. *shakes fist*

After we gamed for a while, my mom came by and brought us pop and pizza! Yay for mom! ^.^ We talked a little, she got to meet the resisdent bishi. (well, one of 'em anyway. ^.^ There's a few) And... she gave me a Starbucks card... with fifty bucks on it!!! YAY! COFFEE~! SUGAR~! HAPPINESS~! ^.....^ Thank you mommy~~!!

All in all, today was pretty dang good. ^.^ As it usually is when... uh... yeah. Hee. *grin*

I think I'll be going to bed early tonight, 'cause I'm on the verge of coming down with a cold. Blech. I'll get lots of sleep and drink juice. Maybe I'll have chicken soup for breakfast. ^.^ Something like that. Anyway, I hope I feel better soon!

And life would be perfect if... yeah. ^.^ (<--- this is my substitute for things I'm *not* going to post on my LJ. Bonus points to anyone who can figure them all out.)

Minna, have a good weekend! j00 4ll r0xx0rs!

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