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Ouchie. Much ouchie.

School today was totally uneventful, except for two things: Maria-chan was gone (where are you~~!?) and someone using his subconscious manipulations skills to stop me from hitting him with a wet sponge. ^.^

Oh, and my knee is really, really sore and painful. I don't know why, and I'm worried. >.>

Anyway, I was going to do my math homework, but instead fell for the most extreme route of procrastination: rearranging furniture. ^.^;; Anyway, I moved my desk and my rolly shelf in my room around, then cleaned off one of the (six foot high) bookshelves in the living room and dragged it into my room. It was very heavy. o.O I'm not sure how I managed. Anyway, it's in my room now, covered in boooooooks! The other shelf is *crammed* with more of my books. I have way too many books. O.O seriously, waaaay too many. Where can I sell these and get a lot of money for them?

For everyone that's seen my room, I'm going to try and draw a text art picture of it... ^.^;; This should be interesting.

The windows are up here
|s <-- new |desk|bedbedbed|
|s<-manga-------- |tv&games|
The closet and door are down here.

That's it, except for all the crap tossed all over my floor. That's the problem with my rearranging: I move first and clean later. Much later. ^.^;;

There's Writer's Club tomorrow, yaaaaaaay! Shel-chan, Maria-chan, you're going right?

Gah, I'm tired. I think I'll go to bed early tonight. ^.^

[Edit] The text art is evil. I'm not going to try and make it a perfect rectangle. >.< Also, it's going to be funny to see if my dad notices that I've taken a bookshelf or not. ^.^ It's not in an easy to see place if you walk straight by the living room, and he's oblivious. My vote goes for not.

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