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Haiku Hijinx. Forgive me, I have profaned the sacred art of Haiku. ~.~

I think, since I seem to have a talent for making haiku off the top of my head, I'll post a lot of haiku here. Maybe one a day. Hee. I love haiku, they're fun to write.

These first three were requested by Con-chan...

Fangirls scream and die
When faced with the bare splendor
That is "Nudie Gackt"

Nothing can rival
A sleeping cat's pure beauty
In a ray of sun

Two ears and a tail
Only adds to a bishi
I'll take neko-boi's!

~Ode to the mushy panda~
The mushy panda
Is the ultimate combo
Of cute and comfort

~My favorite argument~ ^.~
You are a bishi!
Denial does not suit you,
You should just give in

~My other favorite argument~ ^.~
They may be 2D,
But your drawings entrance me
You have l337 art skills

To those lost in angst
I will guide you to freedom
As well as I can

Perhaps my talent
Lies in the realm of haiku
To me, it's easy

Yeah, I'll stop now. ^.^ If you want a haiku (or five or ten, or a tanka [that's a 5-7-5-7-7]) just give me a topic. I'll write it.

I just wrote eight haiku in a few minutes. Wow... I should stop now. ^.^;;

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