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Aishiteru~ Aishiteru~ ru ru ru ru ru~~~! *cough*

I'm supposed to make a happy update, but ya know what? I'm not going to. So nyaaaaaaaah!

This shall be... a LYRIC UPDATE! (With lyrics I've posted before, none the less~)
I feel like writing, so I'm going to go do that. And play more Gitaroo man. You shall fall by my hand, Mr. Shark-thing! Feeeeeeeeeear!


Why is it
That when I just want to say
How much I really, really like something
It just won't come out right?

When I pray
That I'll see you in my dreams
Just that night
You don't appear even once

Why is it
That when I just want to tell someone I really love
How much I love him
I start crying?

Even though the day we met
Is little by little becoming a memory

I love you, I love you (Aishiteru, aishiteru + ru ru ru ru ru~)
Why is it that I cry?
That I cry?

[note: I cut out all the "ru ru ru ru ru's" because they're stuuuuuuuuupid when you type 'em. So nyaaaaah.]

[note2: this song is originally in Japanese... and it's really really pretty! Kya!]

{end lyricage}

Yeah, you thought I was actually going to update, didn't you? Ha ha ha~!

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