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*glompcuddles new gamage*

So, since nobody else is updating their LJ, I'll just have to post... for the third time today! ^.^

I got to go to the mall with the "otoko-tachi" which was not bad. I got new gamage. I love my new gamage. FF Origins and the Inuyasha fighting game.

The new intros for FF1 and 2 are beautiful, almost up to FFX level, graphics-wise. The bad guy in FF2's bishi. Hee. I think the one in FF1 is too... but I'm not sure. I've read 8-bit theater too long to even consider "Garland" and "bishi" in the same sentance. ^.^;;

Anyway, my FF1 party is (of course) thief/red mage/black mage/fighter. How could I choose anything else, seriously? I named them after my friends though... Raechi the theif, Shel the red mage, Maria the black mage (thank god she doesn't have those powers IRL...) and Mitch the fighter (because I can... mwahahaha!).

The other thing I noticed right away after I got into the actual game was the music. It's *really* beautiful. I sat and listened to just the normal town music, because it was that pretty.

The IY fighting game is great, it has a lot of things that I'm happy to see. Top on the list is the "Beat up Jaken" mini-game. ^......^ I finally get to hear everyone's voices, and they're pretty good. Naraku's is especially nice. *melts* I always like the evil guys... Sesshoumaru's voices is a close second in evil prettiness. Shippou's is kawaii, just right. Inuyasha's is a bit high sometimes, but generally ok, especially on insults. I really like all the voice acting, it suits the characters. That's saying a lot, since I read 25+ volumes of the manga before ever hearing the voices.

Anyway, I'm really happy because of my new gamage. (If that wasn't obvious) Unfortunately, I can't share my gamage joy with anyone else... *sigh* That'll have to wait, I suppose.

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