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Since no one else seems to bother updating

Well, today was really dull and then just plain sucky. A lot of people seemed to be half-asleep all day long.

When I got to school this morning, everyone was having little mini-pints of Vanilla ice cream. *snicker* We decided that Gackt should have a line of Vanilla ice cream too... I suggested all the ice cream should have "special" Gackt ingredients, and yes, I meant that to sound as wrong as it did. ^.^

School was just blaaaaaah. Japanese, West-sensei rambled a lot (more than usual, anyway). Theater, we did slightly dull construction stuff for the set of the next play. Creative Writing, same old, same old, and we read a chapter out of a writing guide that I've already read four or five times. History, we took notes and played the review game. ~.~ B O R I N G!

After school just sucked. More Shel-chan angst than you can shake a stick at, and ditto on my angst. Not a coincidence, obviously. I hate it when *anyone* I'm friends with angsts, especially since (in this case) I can do nothing and me trying seems to make things worse. Real spiffy, that. *Not.*

Anyway, I stalked off to sit by myself for a while (my wonderful solution to angst) and when I came back, everyone had disappeared. *shrug* So I walked home. I stopped at Starbucks, which improved my mood quite a bit. It seems like every time I angst, I bounce back a bit stronger, which is good. Since no one else seems to give a damn sometimes, I'm the local comforter/shoulder to cry on/advice type person, and I must say I'm not bad at it. Usually.

After all that, came home to find my grandparents gone. They were visiting some family, and I think they're staying there either very late or overnight. The house is mine. Mwahaha. Anybody up for a wild party? ^.~

I played some FF2 as well, it's a lot easier now that I found this "cheat" that makes your characters get skill points a lot faster. You just select commands and cancel them.... over and over, and each time you do it you get more points. That's either a major glitch that no one's bothered to fix, or a prize for anyone who can figure it out. I've heard the games almost impossible without doing that. ^.^;;

I have the first few lines to what could be a very angry poem/song (song's more likely) and I don't know where I want to go with it, so I'll post it here.

There's just one thing I have to say,
I mean this in the nicest way,
Fuck you and all your problems too

No, I don't feel like that. Quite the opposite, actually. ^.^;; Go figure.

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