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Geez, it's been five days... I'm a hypocrite...

Wow, I can't believe I haven't updated in five days. o.o Where did the time go?

I don't really remember anything that important happening either. Meh, life's a bore recently, I guess.

I watched the first 9 eps of Hellsing, and I really like it. Arucard's so cool! Everyone's pretty cool, actually. Integra's just like, "I am a cold, unemotional bitch and I can *so* kick your ass." The Police Girl (Seras ^.^) is a bit flakey, but she's not bad. She gets the big ass gun. "Shinigami" Walter r0xx0rs! O.O He's old, but he can seriously kick ass. The priest is scary. Scary scary scary. I don't like him, because he's SCARY.

Hellsing babble over.

Let's see... Friday kinda suxx0red for a while, I was really depressed, but I got to hang out with Maria-chan Friday night and all through Saturday. ^.^ Saturday night we went to Mitch-chan's for a while, got to hang out with lots o' peoples. Yay!

Today I'm kinda bored. Hopefully Maria-chan and I are going shopping later... I think I'm going to pick up the remake of FF4/Chrono Trigger (I LOVE that game!) and maybe another game as well... I'd like to get FFX, but I don't think I have enough money. >.< Damn. I want to have all the FF games released for Playstation. That'd be spiffy.

Oh, I picked up a used (read: seriously beat up) copy of Twisted Metal 3 from Blockbuster on Friday. ^.....^ Yay! I just have to find someone to r0xx0r-- play with! (Mwahahaha!) I hope it works... it's *really* scratched.

Hmm... maybe I should get FF4/Chrono Trigger and some manga... That'd work. I really want to get FF5/FF6 though. I want to see the new CG scenes, and FF6 is my favorite FF game so far, although FF9's a close second. (C'mon, it's the game with the most gender confused people yet! ^...^)

Anyway, I'll just be going now... I could watch Star Ocean: Ex, or Arjuna, or go hunt down whoever has the last volume of Hellsing... la la la~ So much anime, so little time.

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