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Well, for a day that started out craptacular, yesterday wasn't so bad. Classes were boring, blah, blah blah.

But *after* school... I watched the rest of Hellsing, and I've decided I love Integra. She's so... spiffy! Even as a chibi she's got a stubborn streak and an attitude problem a mile wide and she's brave. Then she grows up and she's even stronger. I wish I could be that tough! ^.^

After that, I went to the mall~! Whee! I got FF Anthology which means I own FF5 and FF6 now! Yatta nee~~! *happy dances* Anthology comes with a cd of some songs from the game, which is spiffy. It's worth the $45.

Sorekara, I went to Barnes and Nobles and picked up a copy of (don't beat me, my fellow creative writing students) "The Complete Guide to Writing Fiction and Non-fiction." If you saw it, you'd probably make warding signs and run away. It's the book we use in creative writing. ^.^;; As much as I hate reading it in class (since we read parts I've read already) it's a helpful book and I'm glad to have my own copy. Yes, I am insane.

Let's see... I also finished Juxtiposition, which came out really perfectly. ^.^ I love the last line, it was all mushy and happy and stuff. ^.^

Yeah, so pretty much, things are spiffy now.

Of course, the best (spiffiest?) thing is finding e-mails and lj replies from my friends showing they give a damn. ^.~ In a lot more words than that. Thanks guys! You made me feel all mushy. ^.......^

Oh yeah, Maria-chan? Your "insane" idea r0xx0rs. ^.....^ I wrote you an e-mail back.

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