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kiesaru kono sekai de anata to aishi tsuzukeru

Not much going on. Somebody lit the grandstands on fire yesterday, but apparently it wasn't a big deal because they didn't send us home or anything. ^.^;;

After school I got to hang out with the "lj-tachi" (Mitch, Maria-chan, Shel-chan). We didn't game *at all* which is kinda freaky. I think it was because Mitch's tv is annoying.

And after that I went home and slept. No excitement around here.

Oh, I redid my journal a bit. Bonus points to anyone who can figure out which songs I used for 1) the title of this post and 2) my new comment tags. Everyone should be able to guess number two! (Everyone being me, Maria-chan and Shel-chan)

What are bonus points good for? I don't know... warm, fuzzy feelings? ^.^;;

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