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Love me, Mr. Coffee! Love meee~!

Today was a day for doing crazy/"bad" things. Maria-chan showed up at school around 8:15, apparently her morning totally went to hell, and then she got to school and there was no Mitch-chan! So, me being the LUNATIC I am, suggested we run up to Starbucks and get some coffee. We laughed all the way there and were about one minute late to class. Ooooh, scary~!

Second period, I threatened to mutiny. ^.^;

Third period, I left ten minutes early.

Fourth, I don't even have a class, but managed to be "bad" by stealing the angst bunny (well... Shel-chan threw it at me and I kept it.) and staying on campus after they told me to leave. Mwahaha. Not a bad Monday, if you ask me.

I'm thinking about setting aside an hour/half-hour of time every day for me to write. Nothing in particular, just whatever comes to mind. It'll help improve my writing, I know, and I think I'll be more productive.

I think I'll just decide 8-9pm will be my time. Ok... I have half an hour to kill, why isn't anyone online?!

Maria-chan... wheeeeeeeeere areeeeeeee yooooooou~? You were supposed to help me with a 'fic idea. *sniffle* All sad and abandoned now. I'll just have to write about a certain "sannin" to cheer me up... or something. ^.^

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