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Love Love Fire!

Today was great too... not so many "bad" deeds as yesterday, but more fun, cotten candy and a TIE!

Not going to comment on the "bad" deed of the day. Suffice to say I had two lunches. ^.^;; The cotten candy I bought at my second lunch, and I gave a lot of it away over the course of the day. Oh, I bought Shel-chan lunch at my first lunch too, and then Starbucks later... I was in a generous mood, I guess.

The tie was at Mario Kart, playing against Shel-chan. ^.^ Mwahaha! Yes, I consider this a victory, 'cause last time we played I was R0XX0R3D badly! Yatta ne~!

What else... Oh, I finished a new music video. *snicker* It's absolute humor. The song is "So Many Men" dance dance remix version (so it's about a minute and a half long) and the footage is from FF7 & FF9. What's the humor? Well, pretend Zidane is singing the song... and there's clips of Cloud, Sephy and Kuja at the proper locations. It's yaoi innuendo goodness and quite funny, if I do say so myself. You'll be agonizing for a minute and a half over 1) who Zidane ends up with (if you're a yaoi fan) or 2) if you want to be disturbed or laugh (If you're not). Maybe both at once. Heh.

Anyway, that's my accomplishment. Whee~! Today was so great! ^.^ There are a teeeeeeeeny tiny number of things that could make this week better. What are they? As usual, that is a secret~! ^.~

Maria-chan~! SUPIICHI taikai ni GANBATTE NEE~~! *waves happy flags*

And the Japanese class field trip is next Friday. I swear, that will be the day of heaven~!

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