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Give him back the fucking bunny.

I had something worth saying earlier, I'm sure of it, but I've forgotten. Got to hang out with Maria-chan, Shel-chan, Adam and Mitch yesterday, it was pretty fun. >.> except for some stuff I won't bother mentioning. *ahem*

Today was boring, but tomorrow's Friday so things should be better. Hopefully. I think I need to go game, I'm kinda pissed off and sick of things as they are.

I want it to be next Friday so I can go on the Japanese field trip. I could use the Japanese Gardens about now. Nice and peaceful.

Yeah... gameage. I think some FF6 is in order. Maybe Mario Kart. Maybe I'll just read a book. Something that doesn't involve sources of stress. Homework is out of the question. Bleeeeeech.

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