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Mwahaha! I get the first LJ post of FRIDAY!

Just felt like posting first today. This could be the first thing someone reads this morning... hmm, what to say...


Now that your eyes are bleeeeeeeeding... Something I totally neglected to say yesterday: I got part of my toenail torn off whilst running around after school. It kinda hurts today, but not that much. Yay! I've decided to start carrying a first aid kit. (Yes, seriously) Since I seem to have a talent for getting injured at times when there's no one around with a bandaid.

And I'm going to "forget" my math book today. I'll use Tison's instead. ^.^;; It's heavy, I don't want to haul mine around.

Where are we all going today, LJ-tachi? It is FRIDAY after all. ^.^

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