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I think I'm gonna cry

I just beat FFX. After getting Auron's ultimate weapon, beating Jecht was incredibly easy. The ending was *not* happy, it was a "there's a postive message stated so it *seems* uplifting, even though it's really sad" type ending. Then there was this random clip after the credits rolled... what the hell?

I'm wondering about FFX-2 now. o.O All I know is that Yuna looks like a whore and she's using guns. >.< I don't know how the heck you could continue FFX... And I saw a screenshot of Yuna and someone that looked an *awful* lot like Tidus. I'm confused. I think I need to check out some reviews and see what the hell's going on. ^.^

That's all for now.

Oh, Maria-chan won first in the Japanese Speech contest! R0xx0rs! ^.^

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