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Well, I lose.

I only stayed up 'til one. *sigh* I was getting near the part where you have to help Rinoa with her damn train hijacking and I *hate* that part. *kickstabs Rinoa and her plans* Anyway, I went to sleep right after the Laguna dream sequence (the first one). I remember now the *real* problem with FF8: Laguna is not the main character! ^.~ Just kidding. He's so freakin' *cute* though! Getting a leg cramp because he was nervous around the girl, talking to himself, everything. And his battle music's a nice change from the usual music.

My Squall's almost *too* levelled up. Heh heh. It's pathetically easy to kill monsters. Even bosses. Except that stupid demon in a bottle... he killed me. >.> didn't have any pheonix downs.

Fortune cookie wisdom of the day: He who has not tasted the bitter does not understand the sweet. I think it's trying to tell us to eat sweet and sour pork. Yep, that's deep.




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