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Nothin' like the smell of updates in the mornin'

Whee~ Today and two more days and it will be... THE FRIDAY OF ULTIMATE GOODNESS! *do do do dooo~* I'm really looking forward to it. The Japanese Gardens, Todai and Uwajimaya... Heaven!

I don't have much to say. I have a story idea, maybe I'll post it here if I ever write it down or type it up (why is writing *down* and typing *up*?)

^.^;; Hey Maria-chan, could you send me that list of topics you sent me last night? I kinda signed off of AIM without saving 'em. Eheheheh... Baka me. Can you bring BoF2 too? Onegai~? I need something to do during my free period of ultimate boredom.

And Shel-chan? When's your SSE thingy? Are you getting a ride home or what?

How many questions should I ask?

Anybody have topics that could potentially be a song? Anybody want to meet me for coffee? No one's online and I'm booooooored and I don't want to go to school yet! What should I do?

I shall dub this the "LJ update of ultimate questioning" and go look at bishi now. Ja~

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