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Well, I'll just post first today... that's two for me, one for Shel-chan. Nyaaaaaaaaah!

Yesterday was pretty damn spiffy. Coffee in the morning, Japanese gardens (I think that's my favorite place), Todai (oh my aching stomach) and Kinokuiya (oh my empty wallet).

I got a book with a bunch of short stories by various mangaka, two volumes of Yami no Matsuei, two volumes of Kaikan Phrase, two of Star Ocean (yaaaaay! BISHI!) and one english manga (translated, that is... it was originally Korean) called "Demon Diary."

I love Yami no Matsuei, I must get more. So much prettyness... Since I can't read the words, (until I go read the translations) I can enjoy Muraki's sexy self without being scared. I love the scenes when he gets *really* close to Tsuzuki, it's pretty. And I love Tsuzuki because he's *so* cute! *glompcuddles*

Yeah, I'm at Maria-chan's and I have to leave soon, so I will end this..... now.
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