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First post again! Booya!

Yesterday, I actually sat down and worked on rewriting my NaNoWriMo novel.

For about ten minutes.

Then I went and played FF8 all day, again. ^.^;; I'm on disk two now, that's good, right? Blech, I have to show Rinoa around the Garden (which flies O.o). I hope something attacks us and kills her... ^.^;; Not likely, is it. She's not so bad really, she's just incredibly naive (stupid) and optomistic (oblivious). Squall's starting to grow on me too... he was such a bastard in the beginning, and now he's mellowing out a bit. He's talking to himself a lot. ^.^ And he's always doing cool looking things.

Oh, one reason Rinoa's kind of on my "no likey" list is that she kicked Irvine down some stairs. Geez, he could have been hurt and it's not like she can take care of herself, what was she thinking!? ~.~ Idiot.

Also yesterday, I was abducted by Adam, Joel and Shel-chan. ^.^ It was pretty fun... we just drove up to Mt. Scott and hung out up there for a while. And drank Vamp (weird energy drink). Yeah, nothing like being abducted. Good times, yo. ^.~

Today I need to sit down and FINISH revising the first section of my novel. >.> It's only eight pages with 1.5 spacing, but I have a lot of work to do.

I'm starting to work out the reason behind the Tributes and stuff, which a few people have commented on. (Like, "Hey, what's the point?") My idea is that the Tributes are Given every six generations and the 6 gods get power from them. The Tributes hang out in the Gods' Realm for the six generations until the next batch of Tributes come, and then the first ones... die. They've been alive for six generations, so it's not so bad. ^.^;; My other thought is that they only stay "alive" in the Gods' Realm (which I called Diinum, by the way) for a few weeks or months. Would that make things more exciting, if there was a time limit problem? Well, in any case I need to get to work. I'm going to go play FF8 for a few hours and then start. ~.~ I'm weak against the call of gamage.

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