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Well, I am pathetic. I was going to get up and get to work on my story. Right. Went and played more FF8. Got "up" and dressed, etc, went back to FF8.

I hate my novel.

It's crappy, and I have no desire to work on it nine times out of ten. I'd rather just let it gather dust on a shelf somewhere and never look at it again except to laugh at how terrible it is. GAAAAAAAH!

So, I'm going to start a new story. >.< Yes, my creative writing project is going to be late ... very late, probably.

I want to work on this half-formed idea I have of a romance story (not the stereotypical kind) centered around a bookstore... It's been floating around my head for a while and I think I need to get it on paper. I'll just post it here when I get some of it done, hopefully today. ^.^;; The less late my project is, the better...

I'm sorry, Miss Vicki! ^.^;; I've procrastinated a little too long this time! ...you're going to make me read the story, aren't you? ~.~


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May. 13th, 2003 03:02 pm (UTC)
Hi Rachi...Yes...You must read!
Sorry I haven't responded earlier to your cry! I have been drowning in research papers every spare moment. Actually, I am enjoying them, but they are taking a huge chunk of time out of my so-called life. I was thinking about how you hate your story. Best to let it gather dust for a year or more until you let some adoring fan read it and tell you how wonderful it is. Option 2...Is there any character or event in the story you think is interesting, or could go somewhere else in another story. Drop the rest and go with this kernal of an interest and create something all new. I think your idea was good and interesting and that the story is a very well rough draft, but if you have lost the spark, no use blowing on cold ashes. Option 3...Go with the new semi-romantic idea. Hey, you have nothing to lose. Your bad writing is better than most people's final draft so I think you can still get a good grade. In fact I can almost guarantee it. The only hitch is that you do have to write it! And yes, read it too! You have procrastinated majorly! I am truly shocked. I think you are betting senioritis before you even end your wonderful junior year. My, are we in for it next year or what? Shudder!!! I'm scared.
Oh, remember how we are supposed to be graduating together? Those darn PERS tables are changing, and through some freaky cosmic curse, I may not be able to retire at 55!!! More uncontrollable shuddering! I am so scared! I hope this is going to work out ok, but we shall see. I do believe in miracles. Take care. Keep the faith...and WRITE!!!!
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