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I'll put this as simply as possible... I am screwed.

Well, I am pathetic. I was going to get up and get to work on my story. Right. Went and played more FF8. Got "up" and dressed, etc, went back to FF8.

I hate my novel.

It's crappy, and I have no desire to work on it nine times out of ten. I'd rather just let it gather dust on a shelf somewhere and never look at it again except to laugh at how terrible it is. GAAAAAAAH!

So, I'm going to start a new story. >.< Yes, my creative writing project is going to be late ... very late, probably.

I want to work on this half-formed idea I have of a romance story (not the stereotypical kind) centered around a bookstore... It's been floating around my head for a while and I think I need to get it on paper. I'll just post it here when I get some of it done, hopefully today. ^.^;; The less late my project is, the better...

I'm sorry, Miss Vicki! ^.^;; I've procrastinated a little too long this time!'re going to make me read the story, aren't you? ~.~

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