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Time to attempt to kick myself in the ass.

Ok, I had my share of fun yesterday and today. Yesterday Adam and I "abducted" Shel-chan, and we went driving randomly. ^.^ We rolled a die at every intersection to see which way we would go, and we ended up at the viewpoint on Mt. Scott again. Very pretty up there, until they STOLE MY SHOES. Grrar! It was fun, anyway.

Today, school was pretty dull (as usual) but after school was the Writer's Club Pizza party! Woo hoo! That was a blast, got to hang out and eat pizza.

Oh, I hurt myself (very ouchie) yesterday when Adam was over. We went out into my backyard and I decided to swing on my rope ladder thing on my old playset. Well, the bar I was gripping (and putting most of my weight on) broke after a couple of swings and I fell flat on my back. All I remember is the sudden transition from swinging to laying and not being able to breathe. Very scary. I hate getting the wind knocked out of me. Ouchie ouchie ouchie.

I've started my Creative Writing Quarter Project (1/4 project, I call it) and I think I can write enough of it to get my 4 pages typed double spaced. ^.^ Yay! I was inspired (rather randomly) by a picture from Tasty Graphite. This picture to be exact. Very beautiful artwork here. ^.^ What's funny is that this picture is in the "Junk originals" category. Definately not "junk," if I can find inspiration in it.

What is it with artist people and bashing on their work. Yes, I mean you Jax-chan and Maria-chan! Like that sketch you drew last Friday, Maria-chan, the one that's now hanging on my wall. Geez, you call that bad? ^.^;; You people...

Oh, right! Or rather, WRITE! As in, I must WRITE! I'll be going now~

One last note, I picked up three volumes of Ranma 1/2 from the library, and three Sarah Brightman CD's! She has a beautiful voice and an INCREDIBLE range. I'm jealous~!

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