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~Drink from me and live forever~ ^.~

Ok, I'm starting to get a grip on the massive stress that the end of the year brings. ^.^;; If I seem distant or downright sulky within the next week or so, it's because I'm really stressed.

I've got a lot to do still, but I think I'll survive. ^....^ I'll probably even survive *and* pass my classes! Yay.

Does everyone in our groupie have a thing for vampires? It seems a pretty popular topic in general, but it seems like everybody I know is fascinated by vampires... Hmm... ^.^ Maybe I'll write that into my story. Whee!

I think I want to save up for a Gameboy SP Advance (whatever it's called... the "sexy" gameboy!) but I also want to get a bunch of anime... Argh! Decisions, decisions.

Hey, tomorrow's Friday! What're we doing, friends? If nobody speaks up I'm going to have to do something evil like abduct Shel-chan (again) and make him play Mario Kart with me until I can win. Consistantly. Mwahaha... OHOHOHOHO~ (ph34r Naga. PH34R!)

*ahem* Yes, I'll stop now. I feel like doing something creative, but I don't know what... maybe I'll just mess around with some backgrounds I'm working on in photoshop. Nice, nice program.

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