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"Wait? Do I look like a waiter?"

Blech, I have a dentist's appointment this morning at 9:15. Too... early... Gah...

*sniff* If only Afirek and Nema were my dentists... ~.~

Oh, my new plan to get things (aka school work) done is this: Every day, I set a goal (probably posted here) and decide what happens if I do/don't meet the goal. >.> I'm hoping it'll help me get to work.

Today's goal:
Finish last Vietnam reading, creative writing story.

If met:
I get to sleep in as long as I want tomorrow and go get coffee.

If not met:
I get up at 8 and do more of my damned homework.

Wish me luck! ^.^;; I'm gonna need it. At least there's only a few more weeks of school. ^.^

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