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"...too sick to move for two days..."

I'm back from the dentist's, it wasn't so bad. Just a short check up, stab me in the gums a few times, put some weird chalky stuff on my teeth and that's it. There was music playing the whole time I was there, but only two songs caught my attention. One the chorus was something like "I have the lock and you have the key," which was pretty funny. Then they played "Blue" by Eiffel 65, which I haven't heard in ages. Yay for techno!

The other really funny thing was when I went to check out. The girl in front of me apparently was hitting on the receptionist-guy and left him her phone number. The funny part? The guy's MARRIED and he has a (fairly visible) ring on his finger. Ahahahahaha!

I worked on the main character for my "1/4 project" a little more, so I've got a good idea of what a FREAK he is! ^.^; He's got issues, yo. He's a coward, antisocial, insomniac scholar who loves fairy tales that end "happily ever after" and has a serious phobia of mice. He's gonna be fun to write about.

That's all for now, I must get in some gaming before I go to "baby-sit" for my neighbor. I'm borrowing my grandparent's laptop so I can listen to music and type while I'm there.

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