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3y3 4m 4 g000000000d!

Today was kinda dull, but I got to play god over houses full of bishi, so it wasn't bad.

Yes, I started playing "The Sims" again. I found a site that had some Angelique skins, and they linked to another site that had some others... The second site is *huge* and has lots and lots of bishi. I was in heaven.

I have three "families" right now, and out of 14 characters there is *one* girl. ^.^;; I don't know why I even included one.

The first family has two bunny boys, (Jax really needs to see this!)a guy that looks kind of like Dante from DMC, and an anonymous bishi in a school uniform.

The second family has seven bishi and one girl, most of the bishi resemble (or are skins of) anime characters.

The third family is just two people, a guy with Dante's outfit and gray-ish hair, and a winged demon-ish guy. They could make an interesting story... ^.^

Yes... I don't really have anything worth saying. Oh well. I'm having fun, and totally slacking off on my homework. ~.....~ No 4.0 for slacker girl this semester!

The moral of this entry is: Raecchi + virtual bishi guys + absolute power + photo option = total corruption and a folder of virtual yaoi. And a very happy Raecchi, of course. Mwahahaha!