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Ganbatte ne~!

Ok, I must work, so this'll be a short entry. I have to finish my english project and my creative writing project before tomorrow. Work work work. At least Maria-chan's offered me some incentive to get to work. ^.^ I'm making her a new wall if she finishes at least half her homework tonight.

Any requests, Maria-chan? Let me guess... bishi? ^.~ Seriously, a theme or specific character would help. Arigatou!

Also today, Maria-chan gave me her ARM SOCKS! YAAAAAAAAY! Arigatou times two!

I am ashamed (kinda) to report that I have finally skipped a class. >.< Sixth period today I went to Starbucks with Maria-chan and then to my house and showed off my sims. We weren't doing anything but cleaning, I think, so it's not a big deal. Also, Maria-chan was upset so I was cheering her up. Sorry, but my friend's emotional wellbeing is a hell of a lot more important than cleaning.

'kay, must get to work. I have a nice shiny *empty* binder waiting to be filled with my project. My hands are going to die from typing to much, I just know it.

Work work work!

Good luck, Maria-chan! (Maria-chan count for this entry: 7)

{note on the song I'm listening to: "teki" can mean "enemy" or "beefsteak." Therefore the title can mean "Where is the enemy?" or "Where is the beefsteak?" I'm guessing it's enemy from the rest of the song, but still... "Where is the beefsteak?" sounds kinda catchy.}

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