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Let's see... Haven't update in a few days, thought I might as well today. Fine arts festival has been going today and yesterday, which basically means no classes. I got my yearbook today, yay! People were angsting today, un-yay. Maria-chan can't come over, double un-yay. I'm gonna go play FF-something. Let's see, 1, 2, 5, 6, or 8? . . . ^.^;; I can't believe I'm playing all those games at once. So sad. Thank god summer vacation's soon. More time for gamage, friends (who will hopefully angst less) and maybe updating my website. I haven't updated in almost 6 weeks. ~....~ I feel so bad... except that no one visits my site, so I have no one who's out there hanging on my every update. ^......^ Oh, summer is also time for writing. Much writing.

This has been the "Chunk 'o text post" of the day.