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Update... 'cause yeah, life is really exciting. *yawn*

I walked to school Tuesday listening to "Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto" by Gackt (which is happy and bouncy... and I must learn the lyrics!) and then I got to school, had a final first period (didn't finish. >....<), was bored second, and was *really* bored third. It hurts and stings. School has the ability to kill any and all happiness/energy/motivation I build up.

Today wasn't so bad. Didn't do much of anything, but I wasn't *painfully* bored because I brought a book. (probably my favorite) "Archangel" by Sharon Shinn. ^....^

I also took all the bishi (pictures) off my computer moniter. ^.^ I'm going to put up *new* bishi pictures!

Adam (yaaaaay!) gave me his adapter for the N64 *to keep*! *happy dansu* Adam (yaaaaay!) is on my "people I really really like right now" list. Also on that list is Maria-chan (Art goddess!) who drew a bishi with a chibi bishi glomped on his leg in my yearbook.

I watched Fight Club today too... very nice twist. *Very* nice. I need to watch it again, seriously. But not tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

Tonight I shall go play Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of l33tness--TIME (borrowed from Maria-chan [Art Goddess!])on my N64 which works because of the cord Adam (yaaaaay!) gave me. ^.^ Who else is on my "people I really really like right now" list? Jax (nice-nice!) who drew me a bishi and of course... Shel-chan (Bishi boi!). That's pretty much it. If I was on my list, I would be Rachel (eeeeeeeeeeevil!). Of course.

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