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I haven't updated my lj for a week. O.o what happened?

Well, school is out in two days. *chicachica* I'm... really really really really ^ 100 ready to be freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I had this (slightly insane) idea for the summer: I want to create something every day. Like a story, winamp skin, wall, whatever. Just *something* every single day. That way I'll feel like I've accomplished something over the summer. And my site will have lots on it. ^.^

Not a lot to say... I don't even need to be at school today. My schedule is something like this:

1st - watch a movie
2nd - watch a movie
3rd - get exam scores and fill out evaluation

Ok, the last one maaaaaaaaybe, but it wouldn't kill me not to go to school today.

I want the seniors back. It's lonely without 'em around. *sniff*

Well, I guess that's all... Hey Maria-chan! Don't forget to ask your mom about going out to lunch tomorrow!

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