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Back~ Back to ancient China~

I am now officially obsessed with Dynasty Warriors 3. That game is *seriously* fun! Choose a really cool looking person, go to interesting places and take down armies. I've beat Musou mode twice so far, with Zhou Yu (who I *swear* is Hotohori's long lost twin) and Lu Xun. Long live Wu! ^.^ I think Wu has some of the coolest characters, especially since pillar-weilding man (Taishi Ci) joined. I'll have to play as Zhang He next. He's pretty, so pretty, so pretty and witty and *gay*! Yep, he's overly feminine to say the least.

Oh, in *actual* news, Toronto is issuing marriage licenses to gay couples now. ^.^ First place in North America, I think. Yay for Toronto! I think I get to go through there when I go visit my mom. I love Canada. Oh, you can read an article about it here.


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Jun. 10th, 2003 04:41 pm (UTC)
Hi Rachi, good to hear you are up to fun in the video-land. When do you get to see your mom again? I think in 2005 I will get to Toronto for the first time. I hear it is majorly cool from my family.
I go to see my family in Michigan soon. Should be fun. The wedding insanity hasn't really started yet. Paying the bills has, but hey, easy come, easy go, right? I will be happy if this is Mr. Right for my daughter. I have done some writing about the ups and downs of school in the last month. No one would believe it really, but at least it is out of my head mostly. Have you started writing yet? Hope the summer continues to be a blast. I like your project a day idea. I have a master list, so my version will be more like cross one thing off the list a day or more like 4-5 things off the list. I guess I have to accept the fact that I can't remodel, recarpet, re-drape and re-landscape before the rellies come for the wedding. They will have to take me and my little house just as we are. Take care, Miss Vic
Jun. 11th, 2003 08:35 pm (UTC)
Go Toronto!
"Toronto is issuing marriage licenses to gay couples now." Good for them! Hopefully this will make other states realize how stupid it is to prohibit marriages of homosexuals. Damn this narrow-minded country!
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