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La la la~ *happy dansu*

Well, just got home from a dentist's appointment, which only took about ten minutes! ^...^ The lady who was working on me was very nice too. And she didn't stab me in the lip like the last guy. Grrar.

Maria-chan (*very* high on my likey-list) *gave* me the dvd of Tokyo Babylon last night, for no apparent reason! Yaaaaaay! Ah, I love it. Love love love! Subaru is adorable, Seishirou is very normal and then very creepy/spiffy. Hokuto is kinda scary. (Dear god, her LAUGH!) The two eps were both very good, about 45 min each, I think. I'm sad that this is all of Tokyo Babylon, and there's not even any stories from the manga! *sigh* They still managed to get in plenty of goodness and one very engrish theme song. ^.^

I'm still obsessed with Dynasty Warriors 3. I'm torn between buying the game because it's so much fun or not buying it because it eats up all my time. Hours vanish like minutes when I'm playing it. O.o seriously. No more of that for a while. No no no. I'll sit down and read instead. "The Lark and the Wren" by Mercedes Lackey... I'm loving the bard-ful-ness of it. (And I've read it before. Hee hee) I love bards. Even spoony ones. ^.~ Uh-oh, I feel story ideas coming on. Aaaaah! Yaoi Bards, anyone? ^.~ just kidding.... maybe.

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