Cranberry no Miko (cranberrynomiko) wrote,
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Ready (kind of) to go

Alrighty, I am mostly ready to go!

I got the groceries and clothes into my bag, which will be checked (and very heavy). I need to "pack" my carry-on, which means stuffing it with as much stuff I think I'll want in transit as I can. (Plus a pair of pajamas in case my luggage is lost. >...<) Ya know what I'm going to do instead of that? Go to a party~! HA HA HA! BITE ME.

^.^ I'm not in a particularly good mood, but I've got this "well, fuck you too" attitude going. Kind of a I'm tired, I don't care what I *should* be doing, I want to have fun thing. And that's what I'm going to do. PARTY~!

Nya nya~!

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