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I feel so unmotivated to do anything. I just want to have fun, and never do my homework ever again. *nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaah* to the homework. I *really* need to finish my homework by the end of the quarter, but I don't wanna~~~~~~~~~~~~! I probably will anyway. *rolls eyes* I just can't contain my excitement.

I also should finish all my character stuff *before* November. I finished about half a personality today. ^.^;; The score stands the same, I'm afraid.

In other, other news, I've started playing Chrono Cross again. I remember now why I love the game: lots of bishi. And bishoujo too, if you're looking for 'em. It's great. There's also a lot of neat features if you beat the game once and play a new game plus. You get a Fast Forward thing which is perfect for lengthy dialouge/boring scenes. You also get a charm to take Serge out in battles and replace him with someone else. Which means I can have my three favorite bishi in one battle!

~For the record~
Favorite guys: Guile, Nikki, Karsh, Norris, Doc, Grobyc (not bishi, just cool), of course Serge, and Pierre. (His clothes alone send me into laughing fits.)
Favorite girls: Kid, Miki (kakkoii!), Harle, Luccia, Irenes, Steena (motto kakkoii!), Janice (bunny girl!)
Favorite non-humanoids: Starky (!!!!!), Draggy, Neofio, Mojo (His laugh is scaaaaary!)

Favorite place: ^.^;; No clue...
Least favorite place: The "back way" into Viper Manor, through that forest!

I'd add more, but I'm sure no one cares. ^.^;; Most also remember to make a list of the bishi I like with the series they're from sometime. That'll probably take up 500 pages or so. ^.^;;;;;;

Note: Yes, "Gaming" is a mood. It's an emotion, I tell you, and a real one too!