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I made it~! Yatta ne!

I am in Scotland! Alive and well (now that I've had a shower) and reasonably cheerful. I had a six hour layover in Vancouver, Canada... BOOOOORING! Bleh. My back hurts from doing so much sitting, which sucks. I managed to have it not sore for, oh, two or three hours. ^.^;;

The "going away" party was a blast! Thank you guys~~! That was a great last thing to do before leaving.

If anyone talks to Adam, tell him thank you from me! He left me a copy of the Daft Punk cd duct-taped to my front door before I left. ^......^! Yay!

Not a lot on the agenda yet. I'm going grocery shopping with mom sometime today, which isn't too horrible.

I'm going to have lots of free time, so my site should be seeing some updates soon. I've been thinking about a new layout/theme, but I don't have any ideas. Anything anyone wants to see, content/layout wise? I could really use some suggestions. ^.^

Well, all's well. I'll be home in three weeks, and we can have another party! No Peach's Cake this time, guys! @...@ Too... much... PINK!

On a gloating note: I have cappuccion truffles and you~ don't~! Nyah nyah nyah~! ^.~ You can't hurt me, I'm in Scotland! Booya

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