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Jun. 19th, 2003

Ok, going in for a hair cut today. I've had two people say I should dye my hair red, so it may very well become red. ^.^ I know I'll look very different when I get back. Mom's said she'll make me a bunch of new clothes too. Yay! Maybe I'll try my hand at designing something. Could be fun.

I've also had two people say I should make my site EVIL, so that might happen too. ^.^ I'm still kind of stuck on the pretty feather background I found though. Maybe I'll do an evil... feather theme? Yeah, fear the feathers!

Jax, thanks for posting! Now send me e-mail! Mwahahaha! ^.~ Seriously, it's good to hear from everyone back home. (That goes for anyone who's reading this! Write to me, damn it!)

Well, got to have breakfast. Then a shower, and go get my hair cut. Then, clothes~~! I may very well come home with red hair and Final Fantasy-inspired clothes. O.o how weird would *that* be?

Hope everyone's having fun~! Ja ne!