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Well, I've had a "I got new stuff!" happiness overdose today. First, we went into Borders, which I have decided is my heaven. (It's kind of like powells, a bit smaller and no used books.) Well, anyway, mom and Brian-dad turned me loose in there and told me to pick out books and they would buy them for me. *happy dansu!*

I got:
- A book of Japanese idioms (very interesting and funny)
- "Tiger Burning Bright" (A novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Andre Norton, and Mercedes Lackey)
- A book of Japanese love poetry
- "One hundred poems from the Japanese"
- "One hundred more poems from the Japanese" (I found a section of Japanese poetry. Squee~!)
- Bilingual Love Hina v. 6 (I was missing it, so this is *good*)
- "Chocolat" by Joanne Harris (It was made into a very good movie)

So, seven new books. Very, very happy.

After that, we went looking around the town a bit. We went by a game store (Called "game." Creative.) and I decided to stop in and look, even though I couldn't use the games there. (They have regional coding, damn it.) Well, I found a section of gameboy games, and was looking at them. Mom asked if I wanted any of the games. I said it wouldn't do me any good, since I couldn't play them. Well...

Mom and Brian-Dad bought me a Gameboy Advance SP for my birthday! YAAAAAAAAAAY!! It's all black and shiny and sexy... *drool* I'm in love. ^.^ The only downside is that I'll need a new power cord so I can charge it. (It's got a UK one.) They bought the Zelda game (two games in one!) with it, and let me get Bubble Bobble (the original and a remake in one!) and Breath of Fire 2 (RPG-age!). H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S!

Oh, also at Borders I had a slice of CRANBERRY cheesecake! Yes! The Cran is spreading! I also got to see lots of bishi. Heh heh heh.

I found a few things Maria-chan would have *loved* to see/get. I hope she's having fun in Japan!

Well, that's everything, I think. What games should I get for my new SP? Suggestions!

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