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Ah, today was great. We went out travelling with no paticular destination, and ended up riverwalking for a few hours. I got a bit wet, but it wasn't bad. I also got quite a ways in BoF2, which is nice. Lots of animal people... The main character is part dragon, I think, then there's a cat girl, monkey guy, armadillo?guy, bird girl, and a dog guy. Geez.

I've got the basics for my site working, but I have to add some final touches and create some content to add to the pages before I upload everything. Should be up in a few days, and my site's down until I upload the new version.

Not much else going on... Guess I'll just go work on my site. *shrug*


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Jun. 23rd, 2003 12:58 pm (UTC)
The characters are neato! I like em all. I think my fav is probably Sten. He's great ^_^. comic relief, a great past, and actually a real bad ass! I really need to play that game again sometime... I got as far as Rand's farm and stopped there because I read that you need to do something before getting further into the plot, if you want one of the shamans.
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